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I'm a wierdo and i 3vz swapped my MR2

Years ago I 3VZ swapped my MR2 after blowing up yet another 5SFE. At the time the 2GR was still a new swap, and a lot of the swap parts we all count of from Frankenstein, TCS, and Wilhelm didn't exist yet. The only well documented swaps were the 1MZ and the 3VZ. the 1MZ was the logical choice, it was super available, well documented, lighter and relatively cheap. Conversely the 3VZ was only available in the US for 3 years, heavier and made slightly less power buuuuuut, the 3vz was cheaper, revved higher which was useful for autocross, and Paul Woods has a very well laid out "Idiot Swap Guide", and sold a adapter mount. I was afraid of wiring...

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COVID-19 Update page

With the safety of our employees & customers, our goal is to keep our service running without any interruptions. Currently, we are open and still taking new orders, but turnaround times may be slower than normal. Production Orders are shipping within 5-12 business days. Orders can see delays of up to 15 business days though mostly due to product availability. Shipping Shipping times within the US are approximately 2-7 days Shipping times outside the US are approximately 2-6 weeks depending on your country With the health and safety of our employees and customers, we're constantly monitoring the situation and will make further changes if needed. Hopefully you're all staying safe and isolated and whatnot.  If you have any questions, contact us at or...

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New Designs!

Hey GrannyShifters assholes! For all you F1 fans out there that might like Kimi Raikkonen, you'll like this new design that we just added. Check it out! Click here:   Hugs and Kisses, ~Granny

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